For those who are planning to walk the Camino de Santiago, at creative travel we offer packages that will make your experience easier.

These packages can be flexible, so we will be able to organize them according to your interests and needs.Our staff that has a broad knowledge of the Camino will also advise you on the best choices about the Camino according to your expectations and necessities.

Our packages are for individuals who want to travel on their own, but Guided tours are also available in between April and October.

Included in the packages

Hotel selection (Private rooms with bathroom)
– Luggage transfer from one hotel to the other
– Half Board during the hike
– Detailed Walking Notes
– Map
– Support before and during the Camino


We can also book the flights and other ways of transportation to get to Spain and the start of the Camino for you.

Who can walk the Camino de Santiago?

At Creative Travel we understand that each person is different. For this reason we have a broad number of possibilities to addapt the trip according to your necessities: From the person who wants to push his limits to the person who can only walk a limitted number of Kilometers per day.

For example, We can extend a stage that generally takes 5 days into a 10 day trip for people who want to walk lower distances per day.

The prices of the package 

The price of the packages might vary when we personalize them according to your needs, but so you can have an idea, the average packages, that include: Hotel, Lugagge transfer, Half board, Detailed notes of the Camino and maps, are around 100 ‎/Day.

What are the itineraries like?

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