What is Creative Travel?

Established since 1983, we remain the only Spanish themed agency in Vancouver specializing in the promotion of tourism, the art, the culture and the many splendors of Spain.

We have staff from Spain that will help you organizing your dreamed trip to Spain: Flights, hotel reservation, Tours, information and assessment.

We also organize trips to Mexico and the rest of the world. Flight reservations, tours, cruiseships, hotel reservations…

What does Creative Travel offer for the Camino de Santiago?

At Creative Travel we are specialized in Spain, and in the Camino de Santiago. We have stuff from La Coruña, Spain, that can asses you in any way about the Camino de Santiago.

We will organize the Camino according to your needs.

At Creative Travel, we offer packages that include Hotel, Luggage transfer from one hotel to the other one, half board and detailed walking notes.

We can also find the best deals for transportation to start the Camino and to come back.

Who can Walk the Camino de Santiago or Way of Saint James?

At Creative Travel we understand that each person is different. For this reason we have a broad number of possibilities to addapt the trip according to your necessities: From the person who wants to push his limits to the person who can only walk a limitted number of Kilometers per day.

For example, We can extend a stage that generally takes 5 days into a 10 day trip for people who want to walk lower distances per day. See some examples of different stages that we offer.

Can I walk the Camino de Santiago in an organized tour?

If you dream about walking the Camino but you didn’t find anybody to walk with you, or if it is your first time in Spain, and you don’t feel confident enough  walking by yourself,  don’t worry,

At Creative Travel we can organize guided tours in groups, either walking tours or horse riding tours. You will be able to join a group of a maximum of  15 to 20 people that like you, prefer to do it accompanied.

The guided tours are available in specific weeks in between April and October.

How much would a package cost? 

The price of the packages might vary depending when we personalize them according to your needs, but so you can have an idea, the average package, that includes: Hotel, Lugagge transfer, Half board, Detailed notes of the Camino and maps, are around 100 Euros/Day.

See bellow an example of a quote given to client who traveled last November 2012:

This quote is based on 1 twin  for 2 participants
Item Units Price per person
Section 8 – The last 100km towards Santiago:
From Sarria to Santiago – 6 nights
Including lugagge transfer and meals (Half board 4 days, B&B 2 days)
Low season €490
Additional night  3* double bedroom  in Santiago 1 €65
Total per person sharing double bedroom €555

Which Hotels do we stay in?

The hotels that we offer in our packages are 2 and 3* Hotels. We work with a number of hotels along the Camino. Bellow you can see a list of the Hotels that we have booked for one of our clients. Please, understand that we won’t be able to confirm the name of the Hotels until reserved, subject to availability.


Hotel Name


Sarria Carris Alfonso IX

Bed and Breakfast

Portomarin Pousada de Portomarin

Half Board

Palas de Rei Complejo La Cabana

Half Board

Arzua Teodora

Half Board

Rua Amenal

Half Board

Santiago de Compostela Virxe da Cerca

Bed and Breakfast

*This is just a sample of Hotels for a Client who walked from Sarria to Santiago in 6 days.

Special arrangements can be done to shorten the journeys, such as a soft begin with a Stop in between Sarria and Portomarin.


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