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by Raul Rodriguez

Many people who are not familiar with the Spanish weather wonder what time would be the best to walk the Camino de Santiago.

The first thing you need to know is which part you will be walking, because Spain, even though is a “small” country, has many different variations on its climatology depending on the area.

Spain is quite known for being a hot country, but don’t get confused: The heat of the North doesn’t have anything to do with the heat in the South. During the summer, in the provinces of the South of Spain, the temperatures can rise over 40C degrees (even 50C in some specific areas!), but this is very rare in Galicia for example.

The interior areas are warmer than the coastal areas. Castilla y Leon might be quite hot during the months of July and August, so if you are not a heat lover, then, avoid this 2 months. Also, the summer time might be more packed with pilgrims doing the same route at this time.

In my opinion, as a Galician local, I would recommend:
If walking the Camino along Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla y Leon: Do the Camino in the months of april, may, june or September, beginning of October.
If we do only the last stage that includes only Galicia: I would recommend anytime in the spring or summer, unless you are really trying to avoid the heat, then avoid July and August like I have mentioned before.

You also need to know that, even though things are changing because of the global warming, Galicia is a rainy area, so we can’t promise you sunny days. It might rain a lot during the month of july and be really sunny in November. Weather is very unpredictable there, but the normal thing is around 25 to 30 degrees in July – August, 15 – 25 Celsius degrees in the months before and after July and August.

For those who decide to walk during the winter and fall, you will have to be prepared to face a lot of rain in Galicia, and probably some snow in castilla and all the interior areas of the North of Spain.