This is what we do for you:

– Assesment: Our team has a broad knowledge about the Camino de Santiago, and we will assist you in the organization of this unforgettable trip
– Transportation: We book your flights and other forms of transportation to get to the place that you have choose to start the route.
 Hotel selection: We select hotels and accommodation based on their comfort, facilities and character.
 Luggage transfer: We believe that walking with a light pack provides you with a level of comfort that ensures you enjoy your walk. Everyday, we take care of your luggage ensuring that it is waiting for you at your next hotel.
 Holiday Pack: Before your starting day, you will receive a holiday pack containing all the information about your trip, including walking notes describing the route on a ‘step-by-step’ basis, and the best available detailed maps.
Pilgrim Passport: Your Follow The Camino Passport/Credencial will be stamped at each stage of your journey, allowing you to gain the certificate of accomplishment given to pilgrims on completing the Camino (min. 100Kms required).
– Support before and during the Camino: Before your holiday, we provide you with a detailed list of items to bring and our team is available to answer any questions and queries you may have. During your trip, we can provide local assistance and there is an emergency phone number available 24/7.

“nada mas pido,  el cielo sobre mi y el camino bajo mis pies”. 

A trip to the Camino de Santiago is unlike taking just a trip.  It is even more than Cutural Travel for other than understanding the culture and custom of the County(Spain), this is a trip that doesn’t happen just by accident, it is a trip that one’s inner self urges one to take.  We present to our customers more than just an itinerary, our Spanish home staff will provide information as to every stop, local history, local cuisine, good restaurants, cafes and bars along the way.  At Creative Travel, we do not present to our customer just one itinerary but any itinerary along the more than 700 km Camino.  Our customers can elect to start and end anywhere along the 8 or more stages along the various caminos whether it be the French Way, The Northern Way, The Original Way, The English Way, The Portuguese and The Seville Way.