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This variant of the English way: A Coruña-Santiago, is 74 kms long, and can be carried out in three stages: 

A Coruña – Bruma (31 Km): Traditionally, the English Way route that departs from A Coruña starts in the church of Santiago. It then continues very close to the praza de María Pita towards Os Cantóns via the Avenida da Mariña, goes through the praza de Catro Camiños and goes on through Rúa Fernández Latorre until it reaches the Eirís neighbourhood. See this Map by Corunaturismo.com

After A Coruña, the route goes through: Culleredo, promenade seafront of O Burgo. It goes on until Alvedro, the medieval bridge over the Valiñas River and  Cambre.

The itinerary follows the Camino Real (“the Royal Road”) towards Sigrás. It  goes past the municipality of Carral.

Finally, it continues until reaching the point where the two routes of the English Way converge, in Mesía, to then reach Bruma, the end of this stage.

Bruma – Sigüeiro (30 Km):

he stage starts off in Bruma, from where it continues towards the municipality of Ordes. It then goes through O Seixo, Carreira, Mámoas and A Carballeira, and starts a stretch through the forest that leads to the hamlet of A Rúa.

Leaving the Trabe mill and the O Cubo Bridge behind, it goes forth until Outeiro de Abaixo where it takes a wooded track that goes to the Church of San Xulián de Poulo, in Outeiro de Arriba.

After passing through A Senra and A Rúa, the English Way arrives in Carballo, traverses the hamlet of Casanova de Pereiro and crosses the bridge of Ponte Pereira, possibly from the Middle Ages. It then reaches Carra, area of springs that can sometimes make the route impassable. Once this stretch has been covered, the Way continues towards Baxoia and finally reaches Sigüeiro, in the municipality of Oroso.

 Sigüeiro – Santiago (18 Km):

From this point there are only 18 km until the finish line.

The stage runs parallel to the river until A Barciela, it passes by the industrial zone of Tambre towards Meixonfrío and gets into Santiago’s town centre through the Cruceiro (Calvary) da Coruña.

Information and graphics from www.xacobeo.es