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Writen by Esther Diz. All rights reserved. La Voz de Galicia

A couple of movies can be the detonator for a trend, but there must be fundamental reasons within.  Why is it that so many American decide to do “St. James’? Does it have anything to do with the financial crisis?

Santa Catalina de Somoza - El AceboAfter seeing the work of the Director Lydia Smith I have my own conclusions.  Americans are incline to find themselves within, to spend time alone to think on what is going on in their lives, to experiment new things when they are against a wall in their lives, events like being laid off, losing a loved one, a live threatening illness, etc., but above all when they need to get out of the rut they are in, when they don’t want to feel that adversity is winning over. Not so long ago, Young  Americans graduated incapable of finding a job would challenge themselves to hike up to Machu Picchu, or enlisted in Peace Corps, they would have a sabbatical year and travel to know other cultures, whatever it was that would give them an image of dynamism, and suddenly, thanks to a movie, zas!! They discover that they can do all this and more in the St. James’ way.


1. Walking hundreds of kilometres through a historic and spiritual path is awesome.

2. The way allows you to spend time alone.

3. To say that you’ll be doing “the way” inspires curiosity and respect from others, especially when you quickly explain what it is about.

4. During the walk, you can think.

5. “The way” allows you to be in touch with nature and with people from all over the world that share something in common with you.

6. To do “the way” helps you to find yourself.

7. When you are doing fine, and other pilgrims are not, it allows you to help them, and feel that you can help others… it makes a lot of sense.

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