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At a recent interview at the Patria Spanish restaurant in Toronto, Jose Manuel de Juan, director of the Tourist Office of Spain in Canada remarked that the reason behind the continued increase in numbers of Canadian tourists to Spain was likely because of the recent recognition of Spain as a Top Culinary Destination.

Spanish food continues to be a hot trend, with Spanish restaurants dominating the local scene in and around Toronto.


“We know travellers are choosing destinations based on gastronomy,” said Manuel de Juan, “And Spain has so much to offer. This year, we are putting a lot of efforts into promoting our food and wine.”

In keeping with this theme, Toronto’s Patria restaurant is featuring an upscale Spanish menu featuring an array of tapas dishes and fine Spanish Wine, many of which are from the famous Rioja Wine Producing Region. Other more casual restaurants such as Bar Isabel also features authentic Spanish tapas and other delights at more affordable prices reminiscing one’s experience of the Peregrino’s Menu del Dia being served along the Camino de Santiago.