Casa Manolo is one of the most popular restaurants among the pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela. This friendly and cosmopolitan restaurant in the heart of the city, (Cervantes square) offers a tasty and affordable ‘Menu del dia’ for just 9 euros. The menu, in four of the major languages, includes two course meal plus bread, dessert and mineral water.


You will have twelve selections of starters and twelve selections of main dishes. Many pilgrims highlight that the portions are huge and the preparation excellent. You will find a great variety of dishes, from baked salmon or Galicia soup to asparagus with cheese, Russian salad or thinly sliced hot potato crisps. As for the dessert, ice cream cone, flan or yogurt are some of the options.


The only weakness of Casa Manolo is that you might find it sometimes quite crowed. But after some difficulties to book a table and long wait, you will get into it for sure. After all, it is worth to visit this local restaurant with an excellent environment. Pilgrims and local people sharing good lunches or dinners in the heart of Santiago! Buen provecho!