One of the most enjoyable things you will appreciate when you are walking along the Camino is the great range of Spanish dishes you will be able to taste. Perhaps, some of them might be new for you… For example, have you ever heard about ‘Bacalao al pil pil‘ (Pilpil Salt Cod)? It is codfish prepared with the delicious and famous Basque pil pil sauce (an emulsion that is formed through a combination of the fish juices and olive oil). So if you have the opportunity to taste it, don’t miss it! If not, you can always cook it! Here you have the recipe:

Ingredients for four people

600 gr salt cod
6 garlic cloves
250 ml Olive oil
chili pepper


Soak the slices of cod in cold water for 36 hours, changing the water every 8 hours. Carefully trim the pieces of fish, removing any bones, and dry with a cloth. Cut the garlic into wafer-thin slices and place in a wide pan with the olive oil and the chili pepper. Brown lightly then remove. Place the cod pieces in the same oil and cook over a gentle flame for about 45 minutes, shaking constantly to bind the oil and the gelatin released by the fish. Turn up the heat for a couple of minutes and, when the mixture begins to boil, remove. Sprinkle with the garlic slices.

 A bit of history


There is an interesting link between cod, basque fishermen and Canada. In the Basque Country there has been a long tradition of eating codfish. As early as in the Middle Ages, the Basques were pioneering sailors on the sea who went all the way to Terranova in Canada to hunt for whales. They also brought back codfish, which they salted on board the ship.