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Will you have time left after walking the Camino de Santiago? If so, Creative Travel suggests you a gastronomic route around Galicia, an ideal destination for sampling a range of freshly-caught shellfish: king scallops, mussels, crabs and …. the typical octopus ‘a la gallega’ . All with a truly unique flavour!  Here you have some of the best and most innovative restaurant/chefs in Galicia:

Casa Marcelo, fashion and tradition

casa marcelo

Marcelo is a surprising restaurant. One does not travel to Galicia to eat Japanese food. But go to Marcelo. It is a perfect example of fashion and tradition fusion. It’s well provided menu has Japanese dishes, typical Galician food and everything in between. From ‘fabes con almejas’ and ‘zamburiñas’ to tuna tataki. Some pilgrims highlight that it is not only the variety of dishes (ribs, Sichuan chicken, zamburiñas, fabes con almejas, lacon, etc.), but also that everything tastes great. In addition, the service is very kind, the atmosphere is so friendly -you will share long tables with other people-. And the final surprise is the price, just 30€ per person. A must in Santiago if you want to taste what young Galician chefs are doing!

Chef: Marcelo Tejedor   /   Adress: Rua Hortas, 1, 15705, Santiago de Compostela.

A Estación, a restaurant with lots of history

a-estacionHaving lunch or dinner in A Estación restaurant is an unforgettable experience. Built in a restored train station, this Michelin star restaurant offers a tasting menu for just 55€ and with portions big enough to fill you up. The service is excellent and you have a range of dishes to choose. For instance, a special tasting menu that was the menu in the old days of the train, which consists of consomme, scallop, fish, langostino, steak, another beef dish, steak tartare, pork and two deserts…

Chefs: Xoán Crujeiras e Beatriz Sotelo  /  Adress: Carretera Estacion 51, Cambre.

Casa Solla, the king of the Oysters

oystersIts chef Pepe Solla uses to smartly combine the best of the Galician raw materials: seafood, fish, together with vegetables and meat, with the avant-garde techniques used by the best Spanish cooks. The mix of flavours, colours and the overall layout is impressive. Oysters lovers: you will not find a better quality anywhere else. Indeed, Casa Solla has been providing the best oysters in the area, so, the best in Spain.

Chef: Pepe Solla  /  Adress: Avenida Sineiro, 7, 36005 Poio.

Culler de Pau, the seafood paradise

culler de pauYou will find in this fabulous restaurant a tasting menu with creative but highly accessible dishes. The strong local Sea Food influence is never far from most dishes… The dining room is a delight, simple in form but blessed with perfect weather you will be treated to a spectacular sundown which will illuminate the room in a glow of colour. A simple and to the point wine list is priced to sell and the staff offer friendly efficient service and advice on dishes. If you happen to be in the area, don’t miss this place as it is really worthy of your time.

Chef: Javier Olleros  /  Adress: Reboredo,73, 36988 O Grove.