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After walking at the beautiful beach of Barcelona,
getting around with the bus line street of London,
feeling the subdued sexual charisma of Paris,
biking around the Amsterdam canals,
climbing the mountains in Munich,
sailing into the canals of Venice by gondola,
learning about the history of Florence and Sienna,
contemplating the candy color majesty of Cinque Terre ,
looking down from the top of the Vesubio volcano and tasting the spectacular Toscana wine…

After all of that, Drew Robinson started in July 2012 the trip of his life. He walked the historic pilgrim walk of 500 miles that took him from the south of France to the west cost of Spain. He walked along the pilgrim way of Saint James.

During the journey, he realized that being a pilgrim is not just a part of what you do. It becomes a part of who you are.