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The first time that the Japanese piano player and composer, Mine Kawakami, went to the Camino de Santiago was 8 years ago. It was a random decision and she walked in the opposite way, from Santiago to Roncesvalles. After the walk, she fell in love of the sounds of the Camino, the red wine and the Spanish culture.

I went to Santiago because of work and I was amazed with the great energy that the pilgrims bring in their backpacks.

After that, she decide to turn her trip into a pilgrimage.

She went back many times to Spain and Santiago. And she is going to be playing this summer at the monumental cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. 6th, 7th and 8th of August

At that time, 8 years ago, Mine was almost the only Japanese pilgrim but she get so much inspiration to compose more and more music. Her music is influenced by Beethoven and Brahms but also for the Camino and the flamenco artist like the guitar player Vicente Amigo.

Concert with the Spanish flamenco singer Miguel Poveda