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In Spain Halloween is a three-day celebration, starting from 31st October. The first day is referred to as Halloween or Día de las Brujas (Day of the Witches). This is followed by the celebration of ‘All Saints Day’ (Día de Todos los Santos) on the 1st of November. Finally, on 2nd November, the celebration culminates with All Souls’ Day (Día de Los Muertos).Santiago_Compostela_Galicia_Spain_0

The streets of larger cities and their surrounding municipalities in Spain will be filled with little monsters, ghosts, vampires and tons of other costumes trick or treating.

Thrilling events and fun activities


In Galicia, the night of 31st of October is known as Noite dos Calacús (Night of the Pumpkins) and it’s celebrated through a range of common activities such as costume parties, rituals and sometimes even trick-or-treating. A special feature of Halloween in Galicia is the queimada, a strong alcoholic drink usually made from The orujo (traditional Galician liqueur), bits of lemon peel, sugar and coffee beans are put into a clay pot, then lit on fire.

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Sweets and candies are a huge thing in all the Spanish festivities. For Halloween, the traditional dessert is “Huesos de Santo” or Saint’s bones. A good place to buy “Huesos de Santo” in the capital is La Mallorquina patisserie, in the main square of Madrid, Puerta del Sol square. You will be surprise about the price of this tiny sweet. It is around 38 euros per kilo. The reason?? very hard process all by hand. But don’t worry, there are small sugar concentration so you wont need too many to feel the great taste.


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