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Oct2014 – Our last peregrino of the years is in Santo Domingo de Calzada, historic city located in the region of Rioja, is placed next to the river Oja.

santo-domingo-de-la-calzadaThe city´s name comes from his founder,  Domingo Garcia, who took up residence in the heart of the forest, dedicating all his energy to making it easier for pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Compostela to cross this difficult terrain. He built the bridge, a hospital and a pilgrim hostel to help develop the “Saint James Way” at its crossing in St Domingo.

A town born with the Camino, on the Camino, and for the Camino and that still practically lives for it.

Place wellknow for being the site of the famous miracle of the cockerel and the hen, and of the hung Pilgrim, one of the most widespread Jacobean legends.

Santo Domingo, where the food is good and the drink is better.

Some examples of the gastronomy:

  • Menestra Riojana (vegetable medley),
  • Potatoes with chorizo seasoned pork sausage and cutlets prepared with vine shoots
  • Lamb and Pork Stews and Rioja-style Cod
  • Caparrón (small kidneybeans) with Pork Ribs
  • Fresh locally-grown Artichokes with clams
  • Cameros lamb

For dessert, why not try Pear Mille Feuille with Hot chocolate Sauce, or the Santo Domingo Cake, a variation on the Santiago Cake, made with cheese, raisins and almonds. Or the Beato de Hermosilla Cake, Pastel Ruso de Arnedillo or Fardalejos from Arnedo, a type of fritter filled with squash compote. For the more adventurous, try Homemade Olive Oil or Red Piquillo Pepper Flavored Ice Creams. And of course, Fresh Fruit, such as peaches, plums, and strawberries.


The wine to order is La Rioja wine from the Alta or Alavesa regions. Wines from the Alta region are smoother because of the hours of sun and rain that provide a more stable climate for the vines, according to the experts. Keep reading about wine along “The Way”.

Where to eat this dishes that should not be missed?

Two examples are the café El Camino, located on Avenida Juan Carlos I, wand the bar La Catedral, on Calle Hermosilla.

For lunch there are several options in the monumental area. Almost all offer a pilgrim menu with prices ranging between 10 and 12 euros. One of the most recommended restaurants is Arcaya.


Buen Camino Peregrino!