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On Christmas time, all the toy shops are going to sell «PEREGRINUS», a board game setting in the Camino de Santiago.

The players are pilgrims that get lost in an old enchanted forest. In order to find the exit they have to collect the magical items watched by Meiga, Moura and Lobishome in their dwellings, but…be careful! one of the players is the Santa Compaña, who disguised like a pilgrim try to undermine its playmates’ pursuit and turn them one by one in its allies.


Available in Galician, Spanish and English.

The game included a small guide book with legends, mystic characters, bewitched forest, Galician bitches, Templar Knights and good-luck charms.
The aim of the game, as a good good pilgrim purpose, is to achieve the city of Santiago de Compostela.

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