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The launching of the rocket announcing the beginning of the festivities, better known as the Chupinazo, is the moment in which the fiesta really burst into life. At 12 o’clock sharp on the 6th, thousands of people congregate in the Plaza Consistorial to attend a relatively modern event which has become one of the most internationally recognised images of the Fiesta of San Fermin. A sea of neckerchiefs hailing in nine unrepeatable days.


The fuse of the rocket is lit at 12 o’clock sharp on the 6th of July on the central, second-floor balcony of the Town Hall. To the cry of “Viva San Fermin! Gora San Fermín!” (“Long live San Fermin!”, first in Spanish, then in Basque), the jubilation begins. The façade of the Town Hall is decked out with standards and the insignia of Spain, Navarre (red), Pamplona (green) and Europe.

Viva San Fermin!! Nunca dejes tu ánimo rendirse!!