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​A Journey for the Soul with Sue Kenney

16th October, 2015

International Forum

El Camino de Santiago

Center Stage 10.40 hrs

The well known Canadian writer will take us on a magical journey of self discovery and adventure on the Camino de Santiago.

We will learn why she embarked on such a journey to discover her inner self, her new found confidence and the beginning of an exciting new career following her return from the Camino. Also present at the Forum will be Esther Diz, the author of the article “The New Faces of the Camino“ in which she mentioned that together with the Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen’s Movie “The Way“, Sue’s best seller “My Camino“ were instrumental in contributing to the recent surge in the popularity of the Camino especially with the younger generation. We look forward to a thunderous applause following her presentation.

Due to popular demand, Sue Kenney will be releasing the Spanish version of her Book “My Camino” over the course of the Forum and will also be available at her booth for “Mi Camino” book signing over the event period.  Please drop by and say “Hola”.

Content, interpretation… John Lee
Transalation, set up… Rocio Martin – Chief Camino Coordinator

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