Dear John and everyone at creative travel….. We are so enjoying our time here in Spain, especially the Galicia area…. We rise before the sun and walk with our knapsacks and open hearts and each other… Meeting people from around the world and cherishing the slower pace of life in Galicia… The mountains speak to the higher places in ourselves, the wind calls our names, and the sky ancient and made new with the rising sun… Each of us walks with a certain gratitude for the richness of each moment before us……

Thank you for helping us get here……

L. and D. and J.

  • Sue M. (Vancouver BC) 28/09/2013

Just returned to work today. Crazy busy. Had the best time. Very moving experience. The Spanish people I met were so gracious and helpful. Great food and accommodation. The countryside is so beautiful too. Thanks for setting things up so nicely for me.

Will touch base with you again next summer to finish the trip. I can’t wait to return. Thanks again.

  • Myra M. (White Rock, British Columbia)  05/24/2013

We want to thank you for the great service provided by John, Anais and Almudena.  

Our experience with The Camino exceeded our expectations.

Creative travel went over and above to help our trip be memorable.  You all took such care in providing us with everything we needed and your responses were always so prompt.

The facilities we stayed in were good.  I especially enjoyed the smaller villa’s in the rural areas.  I loved Rua and Morgade the best. Food was good and plentiful.  Thank goodness we had the long walks to help wear off some of the extra calories.

The taxi driver you arranged for us was outstanding. Jose was so informed about Galacia, spoke excellent English and went out of his way to write down local restaurants, wine recommendations and much more for us.  He knows the Camino and the history.

Thanks for taking such good care of us.

I found Creative Travel while looking for a travel agent who could help me book a three week vacation on very short notice. I was extremely happy to meet John and Anais at Creative Travel. They specialize in Spain and especially the Camino de Santiago.

I didn’t know what the Camino was before talking to John and Anais but they provided me a lot of information and advice without pressuring me into anything. Within a week they helped me organize and book a three week trip to Spain (visiting four cities + a week long trek!). Before I left they gave me a lot of literature to read about Spain and encouraged me to educate myself on the Camino – this is something I’ve never experienced before with a travel agent!

Anais and John listened and considered my travel objectives, budget, and timeline and the result was a very well thought out trip. They responded extremely fast to my questions and requests and I was extremely satisfied with the customer service before, during and after my trip.

I would highly recommend this travel agency to anyone travelling to Spain or walking the Camino.

  • Lola B. (Torrent, Valencia, Spain) 12/14/2012

I used to work as a travel agent trainee at Creative Travel for a year and I can tell this is a really special travel agency. You will see it just from the outside of the office; the decoration is very impressive and colorful and it is inspired in Spanish and Latin American traditions.

That’s because they are specialized in organizing trips to those areas, however, they can book for you everything you need to travel all over the world:  plane tickets, hotels, car rental, all inclusive packages, cruises…

John, Anna and Tania are in charge of the customer service and bookings. They always listen to the customer very carefully and they work hard to find exactly what he/she wants.  They offer a very customized service so you will have a solution for your travels made just for you.

I truly think this is the perfect place to book your holidays, specially if you want to go to Spain because this is the only travel agency in Vancouver specialized in this country.

As a trainee, John, Anna and Tania taught me everything I know about working in a travel agency, they were so patient with me and I was really happy there. I left because I had to move back to Spain, but I’m looking forward to visit them soon in Vancouver.

  • Daniel R. (Valencia, Spain)  12/13/2012

I think Yelp is so successful because it lets you know the best places in your neighborhood and city, the most exclusive venues and the most special shops,  those cafeterias that are truly unique, places that don’t belong to a big -and unoriginal- brand.

Creative Travel is one of these AUTHENTIC places.

What you get when you go there? Close and personalized attention. Kindness. Passion for the customer. Unique decoration. And the best professional team. They have been working in the business for many years and know it well.

If you are thinking about your next vacation or need to travel anywhere in the world for business, it is worth visiting them. Surely they provide the best solution for you.

If you are thinking of traveling to Spain or Latin America, do not look anywhere else. They are truly specialists and possibly the most knowledgeable of Spain throughout British Columbia.

San Fermin  Camino de Santiago? They will help you with everything you need to have an unforgettable holiday.

How am I so sure? Well, I’m Spanish!

  • Trish L. (Denver, Colorado)  04/29/2013

The trip with Creative Agency was awesome! thank you so much for all the help you provided in my “Camino de Santiago trip”, our places of rest were perfect, everyone was extremely friendly, and the food was great.

The last day, we stopped in at the hotel in Lavacolla to let them know that we were going to keep going…. they were very helpful and friendly also. We continued on into Santiago on Thursday and took a chance on finding a place close to the cathedral. We walked into town, and just about a block or so from the cathedral, we walked past the Carris Hotel, stopped in and they had a room, for 69Euros, breakfast included. It was a lovely room and lovely hotel (2* I think, new, spotless and very helpful and friendly).

We had mostly rain, lots mud, lots cows, some sheep, more rain and mud, but we loved every step. We met remarkable people for all over the world….

2 days we did about 15 miles, and most days as you know between 6 and 12…. all of our accommodations were fine.

Thank you again, every thing you provided was spot-on and we couldn’t have had such a seamless journey without your help.

Do you wan to know more about the Camino de Santiago trip?

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