Friends of the Camino

FRIENDS OF THE CAMINO COOKING PAELLA IN BEIJING: We could define the philosophy of the Camino de Santiago with one word: SHARING. These young friends of the Camino were fond of cooking and thought they would try to introduce Paella to the Chinese in Beijing!!!  Here the picture taken close to the Forbidden City, the Palace of the former Qing Emperor.


After this, do you fancy trying to cook a Paella? Here you have the recipe… 


PEREGRINOTECA: A great place to find all what you need to do the Camino. You can visit their website that has a big selection in equipment and delivers worldwide. Also you can go to their store in Sarria if when arriving there you have forgotten something you really need, such as walking sticks. Their store is open 7 days a week since the Holly Week until the end of October from 8am to 9.30 including Sundays and holidays. For the rest of the year, they open at normal bussiness hours. C/ Benigno Quiroga, 16 – Bajo   27600 – Sarria (Lugo) SPAIN

JAMONERIA LA LEONESA: Its is a wellknown Jamoneria (ham place) in the city of A Coruña, where you can have tasty wines, accompanied by delicious Spanish Jamon (Spanish prosciutto), but also it offers a selection of tapas, raciones and sandwiches with the best Galician bread, all of it for a very reasonable price.


.      *Marta Lopez (A Coruña, Spain) The Portuguese Way – Ponte de Lima – Tui (2 days)

.      *Lydia Sanchez (A Coruña, Spain) The French Way – O Cebreiro – Santiago (7 Days)

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