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 Tourist Hostel SALCEDA, a charming resort

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Lovely. The pilgrims meals here are so good that we feasted in every night. Thought I would lose weight with the walk. But no. The food is so good and the wine that goes with it. The meal here in the Salceda Alberque is excellent and cheap €10. The people here are also very friendly. Family business. Looking forward to Santiago. Helen

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Rural accommodation on the Camino de Santiago

Arrived here at Casa Roan. Very quaint  farm  house converted  to  lodging.   Massive  stone  building.  Nice in summer, but would be cold and damp in  winter.   They  just  serve  what  they  have  for the day.  We had stewed lamb.  I never  eat  lamb.  But  no choice and I am  hungry.  Actually,  quite  good.

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 I think  Morgade is a very nice stop.  In the middle of the countryside.  A very good break for people not in a rush to get going. Family  operation. Very  friendly  people. Would definitely stay here again. Not a 5 star  hotel  but  homely. Food is good.   Arrived in  Portomarin.  Quite a big  town.  Again hotel is small but always clean.  Walk to here was easy.  We’re taking it very slowly.

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 Hi there, Just taking a rest right now on our Camino walk. It’s all going very very well and the weather is just incredible. Daytime has been a very temperate 22°C with lots of sunshine. My father and I are enjoying the walk very much. We stayed last night at the new hotel that you helped to organize – CASA CORREDOIRAS. Just to give you our quick impressions: this was by far the best place with great hospitality.Thanks again,Han.

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Arrived in Samos  in less than  3 hrs.  Weather is perfect.  The sun is out.  But the walk is not easy.  Uphill  and down to the valley and up  again.  Up and down but very beautiful countryside.   Definitely worth the walk.  Best day so far.   Hotel very nice.  Good choice. Thanks

On May 15, 2016 4.33 PM, <Helen>


Arrived here safe and sound.  The  climb up the  mountain was not too bad.  Glad we had training while in Vancouver. Very  texting for  Margaret.  Cold,windy, misty and raining here.  Hopefully,  the weather will be better tmrw.

On May 13, 2016 7:11 PM, <Helen>


In Ponferrada now.  Walked  around  town.  People are very friendly.  Planned exit route for tomorrow. Here, breakfast is included. Place is clean. Bathrooms had complete reno. Raining on and off today. But  not  pouring.  Weather is cool.

On May 9, 2016 06.42 AM, <Helen>


The Parador of Leon is magnificent in every way. Their breakfast is excellent. Perfect pick. I would recommend this to everyone.  Met lots of pilgrims going on the Camino already.  On the train  from  Barcelona and  more  so around  town in  Leon.  Lots of Camino  paths in Leon  as well : yellow  arrows and the shell.  We followed those to the cathedral and basilica.

On May 7, 2016 10:47 AM, <Helen>


Renfe was very nice. They  turn down the  beds for us.  I  was able to sleep for  4 +hours.  Arrived at the hotel. Super.  They treated us to complimentary breakfast. Just finished a guided tour of the hotel.  Met a lot of pilgrims on the  train  and in the  hotel. Thanks, Helen

On May 7, 2016 7:59 AM, <Helen>


Weather is perfect.  12 in morning,  @20  in afternoon.  Hotel is close to metro.  We take metro everywhere.  Went to  La Rambla  yesterday.  Watching Children’s choir at the Montserrat. Helen.

On May 4, 2016 12.44 PM, <Helen>


Hi, thanks for the information. My guess is we will be in Santiago well before 4:00 pm. Most days we are on the road before 8:00 am. We are all doing well and are enjoying ourselves. The people, food and sights have all been fantastic. The parador in Santo Domingo was excellent. Our only disappointment in Spain so far was the fact that the singing nuns are not appearing at the monastery until summer. Can’t have everything, I guess.  Weather has been excellent the past week and a half but it is expected to change later in the week just as we hit Leon.  Hope all is well in Vancouver!! Terrence, Francis and Elio

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Barcelona hotel is clean and central. Went out to get fruits and water.  Breakfast included.  Will be going to the tour tomorrow. Got my Sim card at the airport. Cheap  €15 for 60 minutes +1.5 Gb data. All set to go. Helen.

On May 2, 2016 02.54 PM, <Helen>


From Saint Jean – September 2015

This Peregrina has a special reason for visiting the Camino. She is the head of a Conservation Foundation, they are there to shoot a documentary promoting their Worldwide Green Programme. We assisted in their arriving at St. Jean, follow the Napoleon Way over the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles and continue onto Pamplona. It is nice and exciting to hear that they are meeting with success along the way to Santiago.

—–Original Message—– From: Sharon V.
To: Creative Travel
Date: 03 November, 2015
Subject: Re: The Camino

” Dear John/Rocio

We are having a wonderful time on the Camino
All is going great
We have our public walk listed

The Camino has been fantastic for all of us

Sue Kenney is also supporting our foundation and we will b working and walking together on the Canadian walk
We r doing a Camino walk again next year
We have the global walks listed
Have a look

We have just secured pristine forests in Borneo protecting indig and wildlife
60 hectares

This is fantastic

Follow us on Facebook Twitter Pinterest linked in

We r promoting you everywhere 😄

Warm Regards
Sharon B.
Creating Harmony

From St. Jean – September 2015

The following is an update received from two of our late season peregrinos currently on their way to St. Jean to start their walk to Finisterre, close to 900K away.  The weather is cooperating so far and the Fall colours should be spectacular along the Napoleon Trail from St. Jean to Roncesvalles.  Our second group of late season peregrinos will be departing Canada on 2nd October and will commence the walk from the beautiful Monastery at Samos to Finisterre and return to Santiago in time for the Pilgrim Forum in Santiago the weekend of the 16th October.  They will be experiencing the beautiful Autumn Leaves of the Camino Frances and comfortable walking weather.  Buen Camino.

—–Original Message—– From: Susan
To: Creative Travel
Date: 10 September, 2015
Subject: Re: On the way to St. Jean


Barcelona was beautiful!! Presently in Pamplona to catch the bus to St Jean. Thank you for the info from Tim. Thank you again for all your help. All is going so well.

Susan & Nigel ”

R. Martin, Chief Camino Coordinator,
We Are Spain In The Americas

From Sahagun – September 2015

Another of our pilgrim email us from the Camino. At the moment of her email She was getting Sarria, walking from Sahagun.

—–Original Message—– From: Marisa E.
To: Creative Travel
Date: 15 September, 2015
Subject: Re: The Camino – Sep 2015


It was fantastic and i loved casa navarro! One of the best places i have stayed on this trip. It was perfect. from o cebreiro to triacastela the weather turned out ok so had a great trek today.




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