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If you are thirsty for more Camino de Santiago, once you arrive in Santiago de Compostela you can decide wether to continue walking!
There is an extension of the camino that goes to Finisterre, meaning “The end of the world”.
For many centuries, people thought that Finisterre was the end of the world because it was the farthest piece of land where people could walk.

The walk takes around 3 to 4 days, and once you get there, you will be fascinated by the beautyness of the “Costa da morte”. This area is called Costa da Morte, that means “Coast of the death” because is a very dangerous area with strong wings, waves and a rockye landscape that causes the death of many fishermen on the area.

When arriving in fisterra you will get another certificate “la fisterra” that certifies that you have made it till the end of the world.

but there is also another possible final destination, and this is Muxia. You can walk from finisterre to Muxia and enjoy the beautiness of the “Costa da Morte” or walk straight from Santiago to Muxia.

Muxia, has the magnificent “Santuario da Virxe da barca” located right on the coast, is a beautiful sanctuary where, according to the legend, the boat where the body of the apostle Santiago was, arrived.

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by Xusto Fisterra