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According to the Gallician Newspaper La voz de Galicia, Podiatrists from the college of Podiatrists of Galcia, don’t recommend pilgrims to walk the Camino de Santiago with sandals.

They advise the use of appropriate shoes like used Sport shoes and comfortable, but not too aged-worn. It is very common to see some pilgrims wearing sandals, and according to podiatrists, they are not appropriate because they are not completly fixed to the foot. Also, they give some recommendations for when buying shoes: The shoes have to addapt to our feet and not make any presure on them, we should try them on at the end of the day when feet are more dilated,  high hills are contraindicated and that we should change  our shoes regularly, so for the Camino, we should bring at least 2 pairs so we don’t use always the same ones.

Your feet are the ones that will make the Camino possible, so make sure you pamper them