Santiago de Compostela - Finisterre

          For centuries, it was thought that the world was flat.  That the Sun would rise from the Orient and set in the West, off the Galician Coast.  Not until Cristobal Colon convinced Isabel La Catolica that the World was round and by sailing off the Western Coast of Spain, one would be able to reach the Orient i.e. China that the believe was put to the test.  To the west beyond Santiago de Compostela lies the Galician Coast and the most famous Cape Finisterre.  For most pilgrims whether for religious or spiritual reasons, only after reaching Cape Finisterre would the journey be completed.  Viewing the Sunset from Cape Finisterre is incomparable.  Just imagine other than the spectacular colours of the setting Sun painting the distant horizon in ever glowing red and gold.  Yes, there are comparable sites elsewhere exhibiting the same brilliant show but no where else can you imagine that you could be there with the company of Cristobal Colon or Isabel la Catolica and on the verge of discovering a whole new world.  Finisterre Sunset is truly incomparable.  Buen Camino.

                                                             John Lee – Creative Travel Owner