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Here is a list of recommendations on what to take to your Camino de Santiago trip:

The most important thing that you have to take with you is very comfortable and good walking shoes with ankle support preferable and if possible an extra pair, in case the ones we are planning to use end up hurting us.

Cacabelos - La Faba

If you will not be walking with all your belongings, (Because you hired a luggage transfer Service) a small, comfortable back pack for the day will be necessary.
In this back pack, you should bring the strictly necessary items for the day, such as:
– Wallet and documentation. Including your ID and Travel Heatlh Insurance number. And if possible, it would be interesting to have some information regarding your health such as:Any type of allergies or treatement that you are taking at that time, as well as a Emergency Contact number.
– Some cash.
– A Water bottle.
– Some snacks. (Like chocolate bar, or nuts).
– Some first aid kit articles such as: Plasters, pain killers, an elastic bandage.
– Sunglasses.
– A poncho would be ideal, (You can buy for a very low price some ponchos that are really light, (They look a bit like a big plastic bag). They are very easy to carry and perfect to protect yourself from getting completely wet if good weather is not accompanying).

When packing for your trip, there are some items that you might not forget such as:

– Plenty of spare pairs of socks – hiking socks for walks and regular socks for evenings.
– Appropriate clothes for hiking: Comfortable /light/long (and short for summer time) pants, Polar fleece or a warm jacket, Long sleeved shirts and short sleeved cottong t-shirts.
– A hat or capMOCHILA
– Sunglasses
 Water proof jacket or poncho in case of rain.
– Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap etc
– Water bottle
– Sunscreen
– Plastic bags
– Walking stick or walking poles if wanted. (This can be purchased along the way if you don’t want to carry them from your country of origin)

And don’t forget that you will not be walking the 24 hours, so make sure you also bring comfortable clothes for the evening, like:
– a good pair of comfortable/Open/Light shoes.
– Extra socks.
– Warm clothes.

Also you might want to carry some First Aid Kit articles:1-plasters
– Plasters
– Blister plasters
– Elastic bandage with clips or tape to fix.
– Aspirin/Paracetamol for headaches or other pain
– Antihistamine tablets
– Anti-inflammatory cream
– Antibiotic of large spectrum for minor infections.

luggage transfer service from Hotel to Hotel is possible. If you want to hire this service, the baggage allowance is one item (Maximum 20Kg) per person. If you need to add more bags, an extra fee for these bags will be charged.

Additionally, we have to take good care of our feet. They are the most important tool for our walk. If they are not in good condition this trip could turn into a nightmare, so please follow this recommendations:

Bare Feet on Sand

– Like I mentioned before, Comfortable shoes are really important. That a pair of shoes is new doesn’t mean that they will be the best option. It is preferable to wear some worn shoes, that still are in good condition to walk but that are molded to our feet.

– Cotton socks rather than nylon or wool, as it keeps our feet dry and airy the best. This is important because fabrics that remain wet from perspiration can cause feet to develop bacteria and fungus, which can turn into ailments like fungal nail.

– Make sure to wash your feet daily after you walk. And dry them well. Also, while doing this, inspect your feet for any presence of injury or potential start of injury, to make sure you take the necessary prevention measures to avoid any worsening in the next day.

– Moisture your feet everyday.

– People who suffer of Diabetesplease take special attention to this suggestions.