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It is a mandatory stop for all visitors who are in the region. You can discover Lugo in 6 hours or spend a full 3 days there if you have the time. Lugo and the area have many things to offer .

– Two kilometres from Lugo, is the Lugo Hot Springs which were discovered by the Romans in the III century. Well known for their therapeutic and sulfurous waters.

lugo Ribera Sacra by Jose Antonio Gimenez Lopez

– Between Ourense and Lugo is La Ribeira Sacra. If you have some time to spend in Lugo, you should take a small cruise of 2 and half hours along the 44 kilometres of the Sil River. Spectacular landscape rich in history of Roman archaeological remains and medieval monasteries.

lugo ancares hiking

Los Ancares Natural Reserve is located at the border of the provinces of León and Lugo. It is an excellent example of a Gallegan Mountain ecosystem. You will see the “Palloza“, a Celtic traditional architecture (circular stone constructions with thatched roofs, of pre-Roman origin, used to house people and livestock alike).