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The Roman city of Lugo is located 120 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela. It is an important stop along the Original Way of the Camino de Santiago. This route connects with the French Way at the village of Melide.

It is a mandatory stop for all visitors who are in the region. You can discover Lugo in 6 hours or spend a full 3 days there if you have the time. Lugo and the area have many things to offer .

At Creative Travel, we have created a list of indispensable things to do in Lugo:

lugo wall

  • Walking along the Roman wall of the III century, area declared a World Heritage site in 2000. Lugo is known for hosting one of the largest and well preserved roman walls. You will find more than 2 kilometers of non stop wall walking. La Muralla stands 10 meters high and 6 meters wide. You can fully appreciate the old city from the top of the wall.Lugo churros by EFE agency
  • Having a traditional breakfast of Chocolate con churros in the Cafeteria Prado (Rua San Roque, 113) or having a sweet snack in the middle of the day in the Cafeteria Maderro (Rua Raiña, 13). Ask for the Bollos de leche and the cream croissant.lugo
  • Visiting the Romanesque cathedral, Santa Maria de Lugo Cathedral. As in most of the religious buildings of Spain, the entrance is free and you can see inside: the Coro with a spectacular carved wooden chairs and the Chapel  Capilla de la Virgen de los Ojos Grandes.

Tapas’s time

Lugo Tapas tehbubble.com by JULIA LAGOUTTEIf you order a beverage in Lugo (glass of wine, beer…) you will receive a free tapa.  It is your chance to sample the local cuisine of the region. The prices are still very reasonable. It will be around 1.50 euros. Here you have a list of places to enjoy a tapa and what to order there.

A Tasca Bar (Rua da Cruz, 3), ask for pincho moruno tapa.

Bar Anda (Rua da Cruz, 5), great marmitako tapa.

Taberna Daniel (Rua Bispo Basulto, 6), the popular tapa is one with fried eggs on the top.

O Pote Bar(Praza do Campo) have beef stew carne estofada.

Tosar Bar, (Praza do Campo) Order the caldo gallego soup.

  A Nosa Terra (Rúa Nova, 5)ask for the  lacon tapa.

Ave, César, Taberna (Rúa Nova, 3)  tasty albóndigas tapa;

  El Berna Bar, (Rúa Nova, 2)  calamares guisados tapa

Mesón da Rúa, (Rúa Nova) pimientos de Padrón.

More time in Lugo? Things to do around Lugo Region