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Over the weekend, the city of Lugo is going to be packed. One of the most popular fall festivities is happening this weekend at the fortified city. From 4 to 12 October, Lugo holds its San Froilán Fiestas, attracting thousands of visitors every year.


The 2.266 meters of city walls were constructed with 85 formidable towers between 263 and 276 A.D.

Two of the days stand out especially within the festive programme: On October 5th, with religious celebrations in honor of the patron saint, San Froilán; and the following Sunday, known as “O Domingo das Mozas”, which is dedicated to traditional Galician costumes and folklore. Over the course of these days there are a series of parades through the city, with “big-heads”, brass bands, street markets and magic shows, juggling and street entertainment.

The origin of these celebrations in Lugo goes back to 1754. Since then they have become one of the most important festive occasions in Galicia.

Our favorite event is the octopus cook competition taking place on October 9th, where the well known octopus tavern keepers of the region will cook the cephalopod dish. The judges will analyze the taste, texture, well done, the marinade and the final presentation of the dish.

“The Primitive Way” of the Camino de Santiao goes through Lugo. It is the oldest Camino of Santiago this is now considered by many to be the route of greatest beauty, of challenging layout, yet not too crowded, it follows the footsteps of the first pilgrims. This Camino joins the French Way in the town of Melide.

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