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int7Leon is considered to be the most Jacobean capital on the French Way, for its history and its documented hospitality. The city is well-known for the Parador de San Marcos Hotel. The magnificent hotel is a museum of stately function rooms, with a spectacular cloister and chapter house; spacious, elegant guest rooms; a library; and a wonderful restaurant that offers beautifully prepared traditional cuisine.

Royal pilgrim accommodation

Today, the hotel continues to take in travelers from all over the world, offering them the opportunity to experience history. During a stay in this exceptional building, guests can discover the grandeur of a unique city whose heritage reflects its past status as capital of the kingdom and its key role over so many centuries.


In the city of León pilgrims can indulge in a variety of cold cuts and cured meats, such as cecina (cured beef), chorizo ​​and morcilla (black pudding) or enjoy a menu of local game, such as partridge with cabbage or baked quail.


León is blessed with such beautiful treasure, its Gothic cathedral, which contains some of the most gorgeous stained glass windows in Europe. Pilgrims, don’t miss also the great Royal Basilica of San Isidro, topped by weathervane in the shape of a rooster  It is located in the same square of San Marcos Parador, at the open space of plaza de San Marcos.


The heritage city of Leon is very well connected with Madrid by train and bus, its make the city a good place to start the Camino de Santiago.