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The festival of San Froilan is the most traditional and important of the city. It´s celebrated in early October, from 5 to 12 in which the city is full of events, concerts, exhibitions and tastings, all with a medieval character that introduces us to the feudal atmosphere, with a parade of decorated cars (donkey or cows cars with utensils of the the Middle Ages), the dialectical struggle for the tribute to the 100 maidens, “Pendones” concentration (hazelnuts), medieval market, theatrical exhibitions, falconry, tapas competition in the Húmedo neighborhood or tasting sausage ​​from Leon in the Grano Square.

An event that will make us feel like a local. 

Don’t miss any event at the San Froilan Festival:

leon 100 doncellass

“Tributo de las 100 doncellas” – on Sunday at 10:30 am one hundred young woman participate at the medieval parade from the San Marcelo square to the Cathedral.



leon carros

“Desfile de Carros Engalanados y Pendones Leoneses” More than 90 trolleys decorated with flowers and local products go all over the city on the San Froilan day. People from over the region participate at the annual competition of the best trolley of the Festival.



leon morcilla

“Feria de la Morcilla”
 The Morcilla Leonesa  and  the Chorizo Asado are the local meals of the region. So many good local wines go well with these delicatessens. Eat and drink as much as you can at this street food festival.

leon san_froilan“Medieval street Market” 




leon romeria“Romeria from San Froilan to the Virgen del Camino Church” 

The morning of October 5th is the San Froilan pilgrimage. Lots of people walk together from Leon city to the Virgen del Camino Church. The custom says that you have to touch San Froilan nose and kiss the Virgin cape.

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