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On August 2011, four friends from Granada (Andalusia, Spain) decided to walk more than 300 Kms from Soto de Luiña (Asturias) to Santiago de Compostela through the Camino de Santiago. Adventure that they did before but now from another different route. They walked the “Camino del Norte”.


The Northem Way was used for centuries by pilgrims, making their way along the magnificent coasts of the Basque region and the Asturies to Santiago de Compostela. Eventually, this Camino joins the Original Way or Camino Primitivo in Oviedo.

It is an amazing journey which crosses some of the most beautiful parts of the Northern Coast of Spain with great cities like San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander and Oviedo. 

Álex, Carlos, Santiago y Miguel filmed this video during their real trip to Santiago, 300 Kms without any kind of help for filming it or completing their kilometers distances.

Buen Camino Peregrinos!!

Álex Cámara: Direction, camera, postproduction (@xandercamara)
Carlos Aranda: Direction assistant, camera (@ToneStrife)
Santiago Alarcón: Camera assistant (@tatansanti)
Álex Gómez: Camera assistant (@AlexHaro17)
Miguel Cruz: Narrator (@unamores)
Joaquín Arroyo: sound technician, composer original soundtrack (@Jqarroyo)
Jose Ruiz: Infographics (@joruizgutierrez)