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The scenery was breath taking over the Pyrenees from St. Jean to Roncesvalles.  The incline was steep yet manageable , sheep everywhere.  The Hotel Akerreta (The Way) was very pleasant, I was hoping to meet the colorful innkeeper there.  That was Pais Vasco.


After reaching Burgos, I got rid of all my medications, foot bandages and skin cream etc, I had no need for them anymore, I became a Peregrina.


Upon reaching Cruix de ferro after a very challenging climb for that was the highest point of the Camino, I pushed on to the next village, it was getting late and I found myself chasing the setting sun.  There was nobody around, I was walking all alone for the next three hours.  Being a peregrina, I had no fear no did I feel alone.  It was another challenge upon reaching the home stretch when I stopped by the Church at O’Cebreiro and touched the forgotten Holy Grail, it was worth the steep climb.

Santiago de Compostela - Finisterre

The moment with the Holy Grail seemed to have given me extra strength for I was able to press on hard and arrived at Santiago two days before schedule and made it into the Cathedral for the Holy Mass on Sunday and witnessed the Botafumeiro in action, I felt fulfilled.


Buen Camino!