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Would you like to stay or just visit the same hotel in the movie ‘The Way’ where the famous actor Martin Sheen meets the american lady in her travel? This 300 year old beautiful caserio (typical Basque residence), called Akerreta, is along the French Way, in Larrasoaña only 15 km from Pamplona. 

Posada Zubiri

This stunning rustic inn is perfect to rest and chill out for at least one day after walking the first stage from St Jean Pied de Port. A well-earned dinner and glass of red would be the perfect combination for any pilgrim.

The farmhouse, built in 1723, has been catalogued by the institute for the preservation of the local patrimony “Principe de Viana” for its historical and architectural interest. The stone-wall house still conserves its original Pyrenees-style kitchen and its bread oven. The enormous oak wood beams, webbed to create the structure of the house, reveal the historical power of the homestead.