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Santiago de Compostela has got many parks and gardens, but the ‘Alameda’ Park is the most integrated in the history of the city and its population. It is privileged location, bordering part of the old town and with a magnificent view of its west façade (the most monumental one), made it the main city park. It also stands out due to the variety and size of its trees and ornamental species, such as its oak groves, magnificent eucalyptus trees or the scenic pergola formed by the horse chestnuts in Paseo da Ferradura.

Parque Alameda

View from the park today


Many local feasts and numerous cultural and popular events are celebrated in its gardens. If you are traveling soon to Santiago, ask for the event calendar at the park!

Since the 19th century, the park has been the most important reference point for the walks and leisure of Santiago’s residents.

Take a moment to gaze at the granite benches at the park, with an artistic cast-iron back made by the well-known Galician factory Sargadelos in Lugo. The Spanish novelist and member of the Spanish Generation of 98, Ramon del Valle-Inclan is chilling in the park too.

Valle inclan

Abundance the statues and sculptures

Opening hours: Every day from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

Check out the free guided tour around the Alameda Park, at 11 am at the “Dos Marías” sculpture (Alameda Park entrance).

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