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You are never alone at the Camino de Santiago. Day by day, you will meet other pilgrims than like you, are walking hundreds of kilometres to achieve Santiago.

7799998178_24b4d9e31f_kProbably, you will see them again at the Pilgrim office line, waiting to get the Compostelana certificate.

 Also, so many local will chat with you along the way. People who lives and works with pilgrims all the time. They are the best source of information, open books that teach you the stories of this ancient route.

 Daily, you will see a lot of familiar faces. At the same time like you, other pilgrims are walking the same amount of km that you. One day you are having a lovely breakfast with someone in Asotrga and 5 hours later you are sharing with them a protein bar just 5 km before Rabanal del Camino.

Groups of walker are also very common. Group of friends, co-workers, family crew…caminosantiago

Every Camino is different, everyone have particularly reason. Have your own Camino, your own purpose, your own pilgrimage. This is Creative Travel recommendation.


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