At the Game of the goose there are 14 squares with the painting of a wild goose. The legend says that each square of this Templar game represents one of the stops of the Camino.
The Templars were not allowed to play any kind of dice game or chess. The Game of the Goose was a map for them, full of symbols and codes.

Najera La Oca
In the Santa Maria del Real Church at Najera, there is a dome with a painting of a Goose. That was the sign for the pilgrims, to let them know that they were on the correct way and in a safe place to spend the night.
There are more goose paintings along the way: in Eunate, at Torres del Rio, Villafranca de Montes de Oca, Castrojeriz, Villasirga and Rabanal del Camino.

More info about the legend “El Juego de la Oca”