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You probably watched this already but just in case.

Recently we posted an article on our web page pertaining to the “Singing Nuns on the Camino de Santiago” and shortly after the news came that Sister Cristina won the contest in Italy with her cover of “What a feeling”. Maybe it’s coincidental but it really struck me for a moment, actually for quite a while as mi hermana politica, her twin sister is a nun in their home town of Santander which is also my favorite city along the Coastal Camino.  It also reminded me of my primary school years,  of the music classes and church choir singing taught by the sisters running the School.

No wonder all the peregrinos passing through Carrion de Los Condes, if they had a chance to hear the sisters singing with the sing along every night all broke into tears.11968-6359697-way_death_0008

Sister Cristina stated that she is doing this not for fame but she just wanted to be close and be able to relate to the people. Like the Camino de Santiago, both closer to your own self and to other fellow peregrinos.

John / Creative Travel – We are Spain in Canada

Bravo Sister Cristina


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