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9013151432_ff9371af34_zWe always write articles about the good stuff the city of Santiago de Compostela: the good cuisine, the historical buildings, the cathedral… but Santiago is also well-known for the University. It is one of the oldest extant universities in the world.


The university traces its roots back to 1495, when a school was opened in Santiago. In 1504, Pope Julius II approved the foundation of a university in Santiago.

As all the world’s oldest universities, the college is full of traditions.

It is common to see in the streets a group of university students in traditional university dress who play traditional instruments and sing serenades. This is the TUNA. The tradition originated in Spain and Portugal in the 13th century as a means of students to earn money or food and to get new lovers too.

Nowadays students don’t belong to a “tuna” for money or food, but seeking to keep a tradition alive, for fun, to travel a lot and to meet new people from other universities.1205441178_f

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