phyCamino-de-Santiago-2005-197-1024x572The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is every inch a physical and mental challenge for which you should prepare yourself thoroughly.

Miles and miles of dirt roads, rocks, uphill and down …the pilgrims should to be ready to walk – or if not, horseback or bicycle route, stage by stage for long days, weeks and even months.

Check out this guide from the Physiotherapists’ Professional Association of Galicia.

It contains a series of tips on planning and physically preparing yourself for each part of the journey; choosing the right type of rucksack, and on filling it and how to carry it; the kind of clothing and footwear you should use; the best walking techniques; the importance of hydration; foot care; how to combat fatigue; and what to do if you injure yourself.

  • Download the guide and the contact info of all the clinics of the region  publicacion_eng