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Saint Francis of Assisi was in Ciudad Rodrigo 800 years ago. We recommend you to visit the small town with a heritage background. It is located in the West of the province of Salamanca and over 25 kilometers from the Portuguese border.

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The walled city

The main defining feature of the city is the imposing medieval wall that surrounds it. Its walls enclose a rich heritage of civic and religious buildings, the most important of which are the Cathedral and the Castle. Another important part of the town is the Plaza Mayor, the main square with a good selection of bars and where 3 old palaces are located: the old Town council, the courthouse and old prison.

Don’t miss the “Verraco” at Plaza del Castillo, granite sculpture from the Celtic period, and the the “Chapel of the Third Order, a building with a Templar curriculum.

With regard to the local confectionery

The absolute musts are the bollo maimón (a cake made from sugar, eggs and yeast) and repelao (a sweetmeat similar in taste to marzipan and made throughout the area).

The townspeople live by the bull and for the bull.

In terms of culture, one of the most popular fiestas among the inhabitants of Ciudad Rodrigo is the so-called Carnaval del Toro (bull carnival). As its name suggests, bulls play a major role in this celebration, with the Plaza Mayor serving for several days as a stage for amateur and professional bullfights with young bulls as well as other festivities. From the end of February to the first week of March.

There is one established custom: the ‘Bolsín Taurino’, whose mission is to look for new talents between the novice bullfighters.

Also worth a visit the Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo. Staying for a night at the castle of Henry II of Trastámara is always a good idea. Read about accommodations at Paradors…