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Are you interested in doing the Camino and you don’t know where to start?

If you arrive to this website is because you were searching for something related about the pilgrim way that cross the north of Spain, the Camino de Santiago.

Check out this book list about the Camino de Santiago. Novels, guide books, autobiography, poetry, … everyone get inspiration along the way.

  • THE PILGRIMAGE – Paulo Coelho

4004A parable that explores the need to find one’s own path. In the end, we discover that the extraordinary is always found in the ordinary and simple ways of everyday people. Part adventure story, part guide to self-discovery, this compelling tale delivers the perfect combination of enchantment and insight. It is a recollection of Paulo’s experiences as he made his way across northern Spain on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

  • MY CAMINO – Sue Kenney

My CaminoA personal account of walking the camino from  a woman re-inventing herself.  It is a deeply personal and revealing look into one Peregrina’s life. 






What the Psychic told the PilgrimJane sets out on the Camino in celebration of her fiftieth birthday, ignoring the warnings of a psychic who has told her that taking 14middle-aged women on a 800-kilometre trek is not a good idea.  She loses them her first day and then her real adventures start.  Acerbic and funny, it is an interesting study of the politics of women and the power of intuition.



  • SPANISH STEPS: One man and his Ass on the Way to Santiago – by Tim Moore  

Spanish StepsLife is never dull if you decide to walk 800 kilometres across the north of Spain with a French donkey – a lady of strong opinions, who leads Londoner Tim Moore a merry chase, so to speak.
Carrying a pack would be easier but not nearly as much fun.  A good read and a good book that for all its nonsense captures the spirit of the Road to Santiago.



  • A FOOD LOVERS’S PILGRIMAGE TO SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA – by Nolan Dee, Earl Carter (Photographer)


This joyful book tells the story of Dee’s camino, of the pilgrimage itself and of the food traditions that sustain us all. Following the route of those first pilgrims, Dee met wise cooks and farmers who are finding that the future lies in the past. And she realised why, in our secular age, we are so captivated by this medieval Christian pilgrimage.

Food, Wine and Walking along the Camino Through Southern France and the North of Spain

Buen Camino!