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BAEZA – Town created by the roman, blowing during Arabic period, but its glory times were at the Renaissance.

075 Palacio de JabalquintoAVILA – Best preserved city wall in Spain


CACERES – Medieval city that in 2015 has the title of Spanish Main city of Gastronomy. “Capital Española de la Gastronomia 2015

Quince ciudades tesoros de España..

SALAMANCA – University city as prestigious as the Sorbonne in Paris, Bologna or Oxford.


SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA – At the magnificent Cathedral of Santiago, Pilgrims finish their Peregrino Way. Starting and beginning point.


SEGOVIA – Under the arches of the aqueduct. Keep reading about Segovia…


TOLEDO – Union of the Christian, Islamic and Jewish cultures.


CORDOBA – The columns of the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba are the symbol of the Andalusian city.


CUENCA – Due the several expansions of the city, many house are hung in the air. Gorgeous views.


ALCALA DE HENARES – The writer of the “El Quijote”, Miguel de Cervamtes,he lived and grew up in the streets of Alcala de Henares.


SAN CRISTOBAL DE LA LAGUNA – Located in the Canary Islands.  Its wide streets and open spaces have a number of fine churches and public and private buildings dating from the 16th to the 18th century.


IBIZA – Mediterranean island famous for the blue sea, the wild parties and for the old part of town. Street markets and small boutiques with local products will be easy to find in its streets.


TARRAGONA – or Tarrago was the first Roman city outside the Italian peninsula.


MERIDA – The Roman bridge of Merida was considered the longest bridge of that time.


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