alczar1The Alcazar of Segovia
It has been said that Walt Disney himself fell under this famous fortress’ spell and used it as inspiration for Cinderella’s castle at Disney world. It is worth a wander though the dark rooms with their Moorish influences – the armoury provides an interesting collection of weapons. And though you will likely approach the castle through town, you will want to head the base of the castle and the hilltop on which it is perched to look up and glimpse that postcard perfect view.

Segovia is also very well know for the roman Aqueduct.
This feat of Roman engineering that dates back 2.000 years , reaches 813 metres from Segovia to the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains where a source of fresh was discovered and pumped all the way to the city.

acueducto-SegoviaOut of Madrid
Segovia and Madrid are well connected by bus and train. It is 2 hours train. It is a perfect day trip from Madrid. Relax at the train, taste a local Segovian dish and enjoy one of the wines from Ribera del Duero. Or recomendation: Tres Matas, de Bodegas Vega de Yus.