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Pilgrim, Can you imagine your self resting in one of these houses?

Yes, you can.



In O Cebreiro we offer you to stay in an old village house . It is located next to a ninth century chapel and is surrounded by “pallozas”, round thatched buildings used as dwellings and for keeping cattle.




Travelers will rest in an old seventeenth century rural house located in Triacastela. Medieval pilgrims used to pass through this village to gather limestone, which they then took to the lime ovens in A Castañeda
in Arzúa, thus contributing their part towards building the Cathedral in Santiago.



In Gorolfe the stay will be in a house which combines modern with
the more traditional elements typical of rustic buildings: old ovens, a dovecot, a ninth century church and a swimming pool to relax after the pilgrim walk.





Accommodation in Ferreiros. This is an old centenarian wolf-hunting lodge. In the rustic dining room you can savour meals prepared from typical local products.




Your night in Lestedo will be in a farmhouses from the mid- 18th century, very well conserving the distinguishing features of Galician rural architecture: “eras” (threshing floors), “hórreos” (raised granaries), inner courtyards where the country chores were undertaken, thick stone walls, slate roofs, chestnut beams and ceilings, stone ovens,…

Lestedo 2


Sleeping in an old mill and sawmill over 200 years old in Santa Irene??

Keep reading about the RUSTIC CAMINO ITINERARY 2015….



**-Accommodations included in the RUSTIC CAMINO 2015. Contact us for further info.