The Portuguese way enters Galicia on a high note, in the Majestic town of Tui. The first day of the journey combines beautiful stretches through forests but also involves a terrifying and endless journey through the middle of an industrial estate.

This Way had its highlight at the Middle Ages and all along the way can be seen many Jacobean shields, symbols and carvings. It is a very unique and not very developed road but with a lot of culture, tradition and knowledge to offer.tui-porriño-mripolles

Legends and traditions
It is said the idea of Pilgrims using the shell have the origin in the Portuguese way. The legend mention that it was a horse rider coming out of the sea covered with sea shells.

Seafood fans are in for a treat!!


On your way to Santiago from Tui, you will walk into the fishing village of Arcade. In this locality, the first weekend of April is celebrate the Oyster Festival – Fiesta de la Ostra.