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Hiking between Finisterre to Muxia. It is with out dude, one of the most beautiful sightseeing routes.


Camino along the coast

The trail connect two heritage points. It is a 2 ways route. It is a funny feelings. There are peregrinos walking in both directions.

28 easy kms, with some ups and downs. If your legs are too tired, you can stop in Liser, 15 km from Finisterre. One of the few places, where you can get some snacks or enjoy a full galician meal.


Towards the sanctuary of Barca

At the end of this stage (coming from Finisterre)  there still remains one last task. Pilgrims have to walk along the coast until reaching the port and the church of Santa Maria, a beautiful and small temple situated on the sheltered rocks of Monte Corpiño.

Muxiana certificate

In the tourist office and in the pilgrim information point; travelers can collect the Muxiana, the document accredited to those who have completed the journey from Santiago to this location.

Time is the issue

Just one more walking day in your trip plan? don’t miss the walk between Finisterre and Muxia. Take a Bus from Santiago to Finisterre, sleeping in on of the sea view accommodation in Finisterre, wake up early in the morning and start your way into Muxia. Good bus connections from the town to La Coruña and Santiago. http://autocaresvazquez.net/


Buen Camino