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Many think of Spanish cheeses as a sharp Manchego or other aged cheese from the sun baked interior of Spain. In fact Spain is a diverse land, with hundreds of microclimates and over 400 types of cheese. We want to introduce you the Tetilla Cheese. It is is a typical Galician cheese made from the herd of Friesians, Alpine Browns and Rubia Gallega cows


The name Tetilla is Galician for “small breast”, which describes the shape of the cheese – a pear shaped cone topped by a nipple.

A rich, creamy dairy cheese from the lush countryside of Galicia. This soft, buttery cheese is wonderful with fresh bread, or melted on canapes.

quesostetillaGalician Tradition

Originally, the master craftsmen modelled the cheeses by hand. It is curdled with animal rennet and its maturing, which lasts between 10 ad 30 days, is carried out in the cool, damp environmental conditions of the Galician climate.

Try this cheese with dry full-bodied wine or especially the Galician white wines – albariño or ribeiro.


At the Santiago de Compostela Abastos market you will find a great selection of Tetilla cheese.