ImageProxyA pilgrim is someone on a journey with a destination in mind. Whether you are on the Camino pilgrimage route in Spain or on your Camino in life at home, each of these tips are adaptable. What would you add?

  1. pack lightly: give away what you don’t absolutely need.

  2. breathe: deeply and consciously.

  3. eat greens: support local farmers.

  4. walk in the forest: bath in nature and the wisdom of mother earth.

  5. go barefoot sometimes: be more aware of your environment.

  6. be compassionate: share what you have.

  7. face your fears: what you resist, will persist.

  8. laugh out loud: see the humor in every situation.

  9. offer gratitude: be thankful for life’s gifts.

  10. be love: vibrate in the energy of the divine.


*** Words from Sue Kenney