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20120724121836-Camino-Santiago-Huesca-peregrino-Our first peregrinas of Camino 2015 have been started their ways to Santiago de Compostela. End of April, is a great time to start…. It is the beginning of the good weather in Spain, Spring is truly under way and Summer is coming!! There are many interesting festivals and celebrations taking place along the way too.

Beginning May with extra happiness

On the evening of 1st of May in Villafranca del Bierzo and in many other towns along the Camino like Ourense, Pontevedra, Jaca… are celebrating May Day Festival! Festa do Maio. It means literally May Festival, celebrating the spring and the arrival of May!

May is a great moment to finish the walk in Santiago de Compostela
In late May you can join the celebrations of the San Pedro neighbourhood, folk traditional music on the streets and/or being part of
the Festas da Ascensión. Ascension Festival is a cultural events take place around the city for a whole week at the end of May. It will be your chance to see children’s favourites street entertainment, the ‘cabezudos’ or ‘big heads’


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