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Santiago’s main festival is of course on the 25th July when St. James the apostle is celebrated. This festival has already been mentioned and is the most important of all the fiestas. Whilst the music and fireworks are hard to ignore at this time, Galicia is still a religious region and the significance of the celebrations to Christianity are not lost, even on many of the younger partiers. On the evening of this day the Obradioro square is filled with people as the city hosts major concert events.


Many events are organized on and before Saint James’ Day in Galicia. These include:

  • Special church services to honor the life and work of Saint James.
  • Exhibitions of art work by artists born or living in or near Santiago de Compostela.
  • Theatre productions and street shows.
  • Concerts of modern and traditional music, including bagpipe performances.
  • Traditional dance events held outside.dsc05082

Special services are held in the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela on July 25. Church officials swing, the botafumeiro, a large incense burner at full speed during this service. They fill the whole church with incense smoke.

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