Paella is today’s Spanish word for the World Famous Spanish Rice Dish. The original meaning of the word “Paella” actually refer to the dish, plate or container used to prepare the Rice. Based on historical research, the origin of Paella was actually not limited to Valencia but was widely eaten in the South as a simply and inexpensive pleasant food mostly among the farm labourers. The preparation was simple, just cook the rice in water and add whatever was available to complement the cooking rice such as vegetables from the field, games or whatever meat or fish available. Later on, it became popular in the region of Valencia and seafood was introduced to it thus developing into the famous Paella Valenciana which is now recognized as the most famous national dish from Spain.


Paella(Is there a better time to eat Paella)

tradicional paella

It seemed that Spaniards like to eat Paella however there is this old saying that if you wish to go out and have a good Paella for dinner, Thursday night would be the night.  What is the historical story behind this?  For some unknown reason, for the last many years, all well known paella restaurants in Madrid made every Thursday night , the night that they prepare in advance the best ingredients for paella served that night.  If you happen to be in Madrid on a Thursday night, don’t forget to order the House Paella, you will not be disappointed.


Restaurant in Madrid, close to La Puerta del Sol

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